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Incoterms 2020 (new) with infographic

What are Incoterms? What do Incoterms imply and how do they work? What are the changes? To the infographics now!

Gerhard Hänel
Gerhard Hänel11.09.2019 12 min
More about the Incoterms

CMR consignment note (free templates and forms)

Find out about CMR and get free templates and forms in PDF or Excel format

Gerhard Hänel
Gerhard Hänel11.02.2019 8 min
More about CMR

Truck driving bans in Europe

Here you will find an overview and a detailed version of the truck driving bans in Europe.

Moritz Ruck
Moritz Ruck21.01.2019 25 min
More about the truck driving bans

Toll systems in europe

Here you will find an overview of the different toll systems in Europe.

Gerhard Hänel
Gerhard Hänel26.11.2018 6 min
To the toll system overview

All about the truck toll increase 2019

Find out who is affected, what the new tariff structure looks like and what effects it will have.

Gerhard Hänel
Gerhard Hänel05.11.2019 7 min
Free toll comparison here

Truck toll in Germany and other EU countries

Find out how much truck tolls have to be paid in countries like Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland

Gerhard Hänel
Gerhard Hänel09.07.2018 15 min
To our truck toll overview for Europe

Gerhard Hänel at the Verkehrsrundschau

The founder of IMPARGO GmbH Gerhard Hänel in conversation with Verkehrsrundschau.

Gerhard Hänel
Gerhard Hänel15.06.2018 10 min
Click here to read the article

Online truck route planning, a market overview

A comparison of the most important route planners regarding their benefits for transport companies.

Gerhard Hänel
Gerhard Hänel04.06.2018 6 min
To the market overview

Calculate loading meter (ldm)

The number of loading meters indicates how many meters of length of the means of transport are required for a freight.

Gerhard Hänel
Gerhard Hänel14.05.2018 7 min
How to calculate loading meters

Truck Toll Extension 2018 – a current status

Toll cost calculator and all information on the extension of the truck toll on federal roads from 1 July 2018. Inform now.

Gerhard Hänel
Gerhard Hänel23.04.2018 5 min
Current information on the truck toll extension 2018

Truck cost calculation for smart pricing

Learn how to keep track of your transportation costs and gain a competitive advantage through smart pricing.

Gerhard Hänel
Gerhard Hänel13.11.2017 10 min
More about truck cost calculation

Top 10 freight exchanges - a free comparison

Top 10 freight exchanges or loading space exchanges for trucks (also up to 3.5t) in Germany and Europe in a free comparison.

Gerhard Hänel
Gerhard Hänel04.09.2017 3 min
Compare the top 10 freight exchanges now

What is a freight exchange?

Freight- or cargo space exchanges are market places where demand and supply of cargo and cargo space find each other.

Gerhard Hänel
Gerhard Hänel14.08.2019 5 min
Learn more about freight exchanges

Our mission statement

IMPARGOs Mission is to optimize the allocation of cargo and leftover cargo space to increase efficiency and utility for all involved parties.

Gerhard Hänel
Gerhard Hänel03.07.2017 2 min
Our mission