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Our mission statement

Gerhard Hänel
Gerhard Hänel03.07.2017 2 min

The overall goal of IMPARGO is to provide technology for the data-based utilization optimization of commercial vehicle fleets. The aim here is to better utilize resources in transport logistics with a technology-based approach and on the basis of collected data, thus increasing the resource efficiency of transport companies. In detail, this means reducing the number of empty trips in order to increase the average load factor of commercial vehicles. This results in a reduction of load and empty kilometres which is equivalent to a reduced total traffic volume of commercial vehicles. In summary, IMPARGO makes trucks full and reduces emissions and traffic.

The process for optimising the utilisation of transport resources is to be largely automated and simplified in order to increase efficiency through the use of data and suitable technology. In particular, the aforementioned increase in efficiency is to be achieved primarily by reducing the time, personnel and resources required and by optimizing the allocation of transport orders by the transport company.