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The cloud-based transport management software for small and medium sized businesses. Get rid of paper, e-mail, phone and fax!


Transport execution

Automate transport assignment

Manage and create transport documents

Track order status and time of arrival

Integrate ERP/TMS system

Logistics procurement

Make spot request

Compare shipping rates

Connect your carriers for free

Find new carriers (coming soon)


Monitor transport cost

Check carrier performance

Identify cost drivers

Understand supply-chain

Cut your transportation costs

The IMPARGO ShipperPortal acts as your logistics departments interface with your carriers. It allows you to manage your transports from creation to fulfillment, including digital offer request, order submission, ETA tracking and digital proof of delivery receival!

The transport management software (ShipperPortal) provides all the benefits from digitalized shipment execution without any additional iInfrastructure needed. We are simplifying your transport management process to a standardized format that can be used for in- as well as outbound shipments.


Your added value with transportation management software for SMEs

Automate transport order processing

Digital shipment execution allows you to send your orders automatically to your carriers via a rule based system. Moreover, you get instant updates on the status of your shipments. Automate your order assignment process!

Visibility & seamless communication

Get rid of email and phone! Communicate and collaborate end-to-end with your carriers in one online platform. Our web-based solution is easy to use, flexible and reliable. Login from anywhere - no additional infrastructure needed.

Reduce transportation cost

Reduce your transportation cost by making sure to order the exact cargo space. Use the best carriers in your network to ship with the highest efficiency, or find additional carriers from the IMPARGO network.

Integrate your ERP and reduce manual errors

Reduce manual errors by customizing our system to your needs and establish error-free processes in your execution. All supply chain stakeholders like suppliers, service providers and customers will be grateful.

Customers all over Europe trust in IMPARGO

40,000 carrier registrations
5,000 active users
30 countries with active users

Updated 12.10.2020

Digitalized shipment execution with the ShipperPortal

With our Transport Management Software, your freight orders are transmitted directly from your in-house ERP/TMS to the ShipperPortal or entered manually. They are then forwarded to your contracted carriers. The carrier then has the option to accept or reject an assigned order.

During shipment execution, all relevant information, such as estimated time of arrival, status and proof of delivery, is monitored by you in real time.

Computer aided organization and real-time monitoring of your logistics greatly increases transparency and visibility of your operations. In its core, digitalized shipment execution with the ShipperPortal boosts efficiency of your dispatcher and gives him the ability to quickly respond to any unwanted deviations that arise and uncover optimization potential.

Why the IMPARGO ShipperPortal best suits your needs

Save up to 10% on transportation costs

Easy and flexible onboarding

Free and beneficial usage for your carriers

Fair pricing approach for you as a shipper

Flexible solution for in- and outbound transports

Suitable for suppliers, shippers, freight forwarders and carriers

Benefit from the CargoApps huge carrier network

IMPARGO is a pure tech company and carrier independent

Suitable for corporates as well as small- and medium-sized businesses

Phone support in EN, DE, ES, PL, RU
Easy to use and to integrate
Online and web-based

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