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Do you need to create your bills in a hurry? Activate our built-in billing integration and create bills in a seconds.

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CargoApps and sevDesk integration
How Does Our Billing Integration Work

How does our billing integration work?

You will be able to create bills based on your transport orders from the CargoApps account. All relevant billing information from your order will be automatically transferred to the integrated billing software.

If you don’t have an online billing software yet, we are happy to recommend you software with which we already have an integration (e.g. sevDesk and Lexware).

If you already use a software system, our development team is happy to establish an integration with your existing one and you will start creating your bills in a flash!

  • Share order information with drivers
  • Track transports
  • Check estimated time of arrival
  • View and manage all active transports
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Integration to sevDesk

Integration with sevDesk or Lexware

Incl. Accounting, Contact Management, Order Management, ERP and other

  • Automatically create invoices with IMPARGO
  • Send reminders for unpaid invoices
  • Export your invoices (CSV, PDF, ZIP)
  • Cancel your invoices
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Reasons to Use IMPARGO for Billing

How to setup the billing integration?

Provide us with your SevDesk or Lexware company API key and the data you want on the invoices. We will do the rest for you - get in touch with us!

Step 1: Create IMPARGO CargoApps account
Step 2: Create sevDesk or Lexware account (or another billing software account)
Step 3: Provide billing software API key to IMPARGO team
Step 4: Start invoicing like a champ

  • Free App for drivers
  • Simple and fast connection
  • Can be canceled on a monthly base
  • High user-friendliness
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