Transport Order Management System for carriers and forwarders

Simple and fast truck scheduling

With our user-friendly Transport Order Management System for carriers and forwarder managing your orders, analyzing your shipments and communicating with your partners has never been easier. Save time and money with our simple order management. Your dispatcher will thank you!

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transport order management system for transport companies
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Transport order management without effort

Create your transport orders in a few seconds, manage them in a clear table and use the constantly expanding functions of the CargoApps. Your dispatcher will never lose sight of any transport order. Schedule your trucks quickly, easily and user-friendly.

  • Use order overview
  • Show shipment details
  • Manage documents
  • Track & share status
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create and manage your transport orders in a few seconds

Create analysis in our system with a few clicks

Create your daily, weekly or monthly analysis with just a few clicks. The filters enable you to display all relevant data in a complete, individualized way, whether it is your monthly turnover, the estimated costs, the transport volume or the number of your transport orders.

  • Analyze revenue and costs
  • Create scenario analysis
  • Customize analysis
  • Calculate tour-specific costs
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assign and share your transport order status with partners online

Digitize communication with partners

With the CargoApps you digitalize the communication with your partners almost completely. Functionalities such as order assignment, setting or sharing a status, complaints about costs and requests for quotations are handled digitally via the transport order management system of the CargoApps. Invite your partners simply via a link. It's worth it!

  • Assign order
  • Share order status
  • Request offers
  • Complain about expenditure
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