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Quickly calculate tour-specific prices and create offers

Calculate your transportation costs and forecast your truck freight rates with the CargoApps truck cost calculator based on your own cost structure. In addition to truck-compatible route planning and toll calculation, you can create cost profiles of your own vehicles as well as of your subcontractor.

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Truck cost calculator without Excel

Quickly and easily calculate your transport costs with our online transport cost calculator. The CargoApps can be adjusted to your company, your fleet and thus to your individual cost structure. Your information flows via the truck route planning into your tour-specific truck cost calculation and enables a detailed, bottom-up offer calculation.

  • Calculate your transport costs and accurate quotes
  • Add profiles for vehicles and drivers
  • Calculate truck tolls for all Europe
  • Plan truck-optimized routes
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Calculate transportation costs with the IMPARGO truck cost calculator

The offer calculation in the disposition is a challenge. The tour-related costs are often unclear, there is a lack of experienced employees or suitable regulations. With the CargoApps truck cost calculator you standardize your offer calculation and gain transparency and control.

  • Calculate prices with defined target margins
  • Standardize the offer process
  • Empower employees to submit bids
  • Restrict access rights
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Instant quotes to your customers via PDF

Send professional offers in PDF format (even with your logo) with all the needed information to your customers in just 3 clicks. Ease up your sales process! The function “Create offer” allows you to create transport offers for your customer. How to create the offer PDF:

  • Calculate your offer price based on your total transportation cost
  • Click “Create offer” in the PLANNER
  • Enter a reference number and your final offer price
  • Create an offer PDF
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