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Google Maps for Trucks | IMPARGO

Nadzeya Klepcha
Nadzeya Klepcha17.06.2020 3 min

Google Maps for Trucks 2021

Online route planning services completely replaced the need for physical street maps. As we know, the most common map used for non-commercial vehicles is Google Maps. As an amateur or newbie, you might think of using Google Maps for Trucks.

But be cautious! Google Maps' data may be correct for privately owned cars, however, it is frequently incorrect for trucks, HGVs and other specialized commercial vehicles.

But can you use Google Maps for truck map purposes? Yes you can - but you shouldn’t.

Can you set Google Maps for trucks? Or put it into a truck mode?

No, there is not a “trucker mode” available in Google Maps. Google Maps is neither suitable for truck distance nor for truck travel time calculations.

Is there an alternative for Google Maps for trucks?

Yes, there is. With truck routing software, you will save time and reduce your costs while arranging the quickest and most cost-effective truck routes. A good example of a free route planning software is IMPARGO's free truck map.

Are truck maps free?

Yes, there is actually an affordable alternative truck map. The IMPARGO truck map has even a free online truck map version available. [Plan your truck route] (/

What features does a proper truck map provide?

Truck maps (like CargoApps) provide:

  • truck distances
  • truck driving times
  • toll information
  • up-to-date truck restrictions on roads
  • border crossing times
  • etc.

You can increase your revenue with the right truck distance calculation!

Non-truck route specific maps cannot specify some features such as mileage pricing based on kilometers that are actually driven and paid for. This way, using a not suitable route planner wrong decisions are being made when submitting the price offer, which costs every transport company profit and puts it at risk of insolvency.

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With the truck distance calculation of IMPARGO, transportation companies can avoid such risks and calculate real truck kilometers in order to achieve the turnover per trip that the transport company needs. See example below: