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Dispatching made easy

Become digital and take advantage of our comprehensive CargoApps solution, tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized carriers. Manage your orders digitally, communicate with partners, analyse your turnover and costs or plan your truck tours with cost rates and tolls. We digitize your company free of charge!

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Software for digital management of transport orders

Do you still work with Excel or paper? With our digital transport software CargoApps, you always have an overview of your transport orders. From the order overview to the uploading of documents and archiving, our system offers you everything you need to digitise your company.

  • Use order overview
  • Show shipment details
  • Upload documents
  • Archive orders
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Simple and fast scheduling

Scheduling trucks has never been easier or faster. The CargoApps combine truck route planner, toll calculator and vehicle cost calculator and are the perfect application for your operations. Schedule your truck tours with cost rates and tolls in the twinkling of an eye. Simply try out the most user-friendly transport software.

  • Plan truck routes
  • Calculate truck toll
  • Use vehicle profiles
  • Calculate vehicle costs
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Analyze sales and costs

Keeping an eye on costs is an essential component of sustainable corporate management. With our CargoApps transport software you have the possibility to get full cost and turnover transparency with flexible filters - no matter if for single tours or whole months. Set up the system once without great effort.

  • Analyse turnover and costs
  • Create scenario analysis
  • Customize analysis
  • Calculate tour-specific costs
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