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Login Kurier

Type of business: Transportation company

Fleet size: 15 Trucks

Specialization: Express

Scope: Europe

Express shipments are usually an individual process and hard to calculate in advance. Not only the transport itself, also planning and communication with the customer is a time critical endeavor. At Login Kurier from Rastatt, incoming orders are historically handled via telephone through in-depth personal contact with the customer-base. “In order to specifically address our customers needs we need a software that is giving us reliable truck optimized routes. To prevent us from changing from and to different programs or Excel tables we also need a solution that saves the hereby calculated routes directly as orders”, says Andreas Thoms, CEO of Login Kurier.

CrgoApps save us “up to 20% of our time in the dispatching process”

Login Kurier is using the web-based CargoApps for quick offer calculations and order management. The GPS Tracking App on the smartphones in their vehicles allow for a robust and up-to-date shipment tracking directly in the CargoApps platform. This enables Login Kurier to inform their customers about running shipments. The customer can always get live information on the status in real time. The intuitive CargoApps components save “up to 20% of our time in our daily business and vastly ease the process of calculating offers and handling communication”, says Thoms.

Create profitable offers directly on the phone

“The CargoApps enable us to create solid offers while the customer is still on the phone. Our unique fleet properties and cost rate are stored in the CargoApps. This way we can instantly create kilometer-based offers while always having an eye on our own cost structure.” explains Petra Throm, Transport Manager of Login Kurier. Instead of creating sluggish car kilometers, that are done with a car planning tool, the CargoApps deliver realistic truck kilometers. This way Login Kurier can plan according to their resources and create highly profitable offers in real time.

GPS Tracking and communication for a small price

“Regarding the truck tracking capabilities of the CargoApps the advantage for us mainly lies in the flexibility and ease to add trucks to the system. The CargoApps in combination with the DriverApp allow us to manage our fleet fast and cost-effective, manage orders and track their location."