Telematics system with GPS fleet tracker

Low-priced and with fast connection to the system

Our telematics system with GPS fleet tracker is the perfect tool for dispatchers and consists of the "Fleet" module in the CargoApps and the IMPARGO DriverApp (for Android). The dispatcher can easily track the fleet and communicate with the carrier via the driver chat.

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telematics system with gps fleet tracker
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Distribute transport orders digitally and track with GPS fleet tracker

Send transport orders digitally within the Fleet module to the appropriate truck carriers and then track the transports online using GPS positioning. Information about the current positions and the estimated arrival times (ETA) are permanently available.

  • Share order information with drivers
  • Track transports
  • Check estimated time of arrival
  • View and manage all active transports
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mobile driver app

Mobile app for fleet carriers

The IMPARGO DriverApp is a central communication tool for carriers and is available for Android. The transport orders received can be viewed within the transport overview and sorted according to your own requirements. The driver chat makes it possible to communicate directly with the company. The truck carrier can upload the "Proof of Delivery" (POD) within the app to complete the transport orders.

  • Receive transport orders via app
  • Communicate via driver chat
  • Upload POD
  • Upload pictures (e.g. damages)
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Telematics system with fast connection and the best price

Set up the telematics app yourself in just a few minutes. If you only want to send orders to your fleet, the app is even free of charge. If you want to locate the vehicle with the GPS fleet tracker, chat with the driver or upload proofs of delivery, you have to book the DriverApp addon.

  • Free App for drivers
  • Simple and fast connection
  • Can be canceled on a monthly base
  • High user-friendliness
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