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Cloud-based TMS software to optimize your transport execution

Digital communication with your carriers allows your dispatchers to be more efficient and cut transportation costs.

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Cloud based TMS transportation management software
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Your TMS software for real-time communication with your transport companies

Every second company faces problems in collaboration and communication with their carriers. The IMPARGO ShipperPortal is a cloud-based TMS software for shippers that helps your dispatchers to communicate digitally with your carriers and find a fitting carrier in no time. The cloud-based IMPARGO ShipperPortal serves as the interface of your logistics department with your carriers. The TMS program allows you to reduce the number of steps in your supply chain from requesting a quote from a carrier to sending an order to your carrier. During the shimpment, your dispatchers are able to receive live-time estimated time of arrival and a digital Proof-of delivery from your carriers.

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Request offers from carriers via TMS program

Request offers from carriers process:

  • Step 1: Shipper creates transportation order (manually or via API)
  • Step 2: Shipper requests offer and assigns carrier based on quotes
  • Step 3: Carrier wins quote and transfers transportation order to driver app
  • Step 4: Transfer of live-data (ETA, proof of delivery and status of order) back to carrier and shipper
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Your benefits of using cloud-based TMS Software

The IMPARGO ShipperPortal is the leading TMS program for small and medium sized companies with all benefits for digital optimization of your shipment execution. The program has a standardized format for requesting offers and order submission. This is used by your dispatchers for optimization of your supply chain processes. The fully digitalized shipment execution provides transparency and a 20% reduction in manual work by automating repetitive and error prone work.

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