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Manage your existing carriers in one place and use the possibilities to request an offer from the IMPARGO carrier network.

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Web based supply chain collaboration software for Europe
Digital collaboration with your carriers

Digital collaboration with your carriers

The ShipperPortal is a supply chain collaboration software for shippers that connects your company with your carrier network. Your dispatchers will be able to find new carriers from the IMPARGO carrier network in no time. The IMPARGO carrier network is derived from the IMPARGO CargoApps solution, which is the leading logistics software for SME transport companies. By connecting your carriers to the system they will get a free dispatching tool for the optimization of their routes and transport orders. Our shippers can find their carriers amongst more than 5,000 active сarrier companies. Carriers you can trust.

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Carrier operations management software

Supply chain collaboration software that fits your needs

The ShipperPortal and the CargoApps are intuitive and easy-to-use web-based applications. Our supply chain collaboration software simplifies the long negotiation process between dispatchers and carriers and automates your supply chain processes. Supply chain collaboration software like the ShipperPortal does not require extensive IT or other infrastructure support - access only requires a web browser. ShipperPortal and CargoApps are designed to onboard new users in less than a day. You don’t need to be involved in the onboarding, just talk to the IMPARGO Team and we will take care of your carriers and partners.

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Benefits of supply chain software:

    Manage your carriers in one system

    Find new carrier companies

    Easy to set up

    Quick onboarding

*Possible customization of the supply chain management platform

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