Cloud-based SCM software

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Cloud-based supply chain management software allows you to send your shipments on time and monitor your shipment execution everywhere and anytime.

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Cloud based supply chain management software
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Still assigning transport orders via mail and phone?

Completing transport assignments by phone and email takes around 30% of each dispatcher's time. Due to manual data entry, the possibility of human errors is high. These issues lead to bulky processes and unnecessary logistics costs. Automate your supply chain processes and work with SCM software to protect your small or medium sized company from unnecessary logistics costs.

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How you profit from cloud-based SCM software!

Cloud-based SCM software, like our ShipperPortal SaaS, assists your logistics department by acting as an interface with your carriers. The fully digitalized shipment execution provides increased transparency and a 30% reduction of time spent in manual work by automating repetitive and error prone work for your dispatchers. Our online SCM tool allows your dispatchers to manage transport processes from creation to fulfillment 3 times faster than usual.

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SCM Saas for SMEs

The process to assign an order to a carrier:

  • Step 1: Shipper creates a transportation order (manually or via API)
  • Step 2: Shipper assigns order directly to connected carrier
  • Step 3: Carrier accepts or rejects the transportation order. In the case of a takeover he transfers it to his drivers via our DriverApp
  • Step 4: The DriverApp transfers live data (ETA, proof of delivery and order status) back to the shipper
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