Our "Become an Affiliate" program

Simply recommend the CargoApps to others and receive cash

We would like to return more than just a thank you with our "Become an Affiliate" program for each referral. Use your personal contacts or advertise on platforms to receive a revenue share for each referred customer. All you need to do is register for our affiliate program.

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How does the sign up work?

For the sign up to the "Become an Affiliate" program an email address is required. A PayPal account is optional.

  1. Sign up by simply clicking on one of the "Sign up now" buttons and then entering your name, email and password.
  2. Next, confirm your email address. There is an email from Rewardful in your inbox (the email may also be in the Spam folder). Open the email and click on the link to confirm.
  3. When you log in again, you will be asked whether you want to specify a PayPal account or skip this step. With the latter, the money will be transferred directly to your account after you have sent us your account details.
  4. Sign up is now complete.
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How do I share the link?

You will receive the link for promotion after logging in to the overview, either by copying the link directly or by clicking on the "Copy link" button. Your individual, personal link for referring customers is needed to assign the referred customers to you. In the overview you will also find statistics on the number of visitors and the number of successful referrals. A referral is successful as soon as the user books a chargeable product.

There are several ways to distribute your personal link. You can share the link with potential customers via an email list, on websites or in social media contributions. Whether blog articles or videos. Banner advertising or email newsletters. All possibilities are open to you.

  • Open IMPARGOs "Become an Affiliate" overview
  • Copy personal link
  • Spread the link in different ways
  • View success in statistics
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What's the reward?

The "Become an Affiliate" program actively rewards recruiting customers with a commission in the form of a 25% share on all revenue generated on IMPARGO by the recruited customer in the first 6 months. The commission refers to all revenues regardless of the chosen services. There is no limit for the maximum amount. The payment of the reward takes place either over Paypal, if indicated, or by transfer directly on your bank account.

  • ~5 € per month for every user who buys a monthly Professional Plan
  • 44,70 € for every user who buys an annual Professional Plan
  • Receive revenue share of up to 6 months
  • No maximum limits
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Reward example:

  1. Recruit a customer
  2. The recruited customer buys for 5 users the monthly professional version of CargoApps (5x 19,90 €)
  3. He then pays 99,50 € per month to IMPARGO
  4. You receive ~25 € commission each month
  5. The customer is fully satisfied and continues to use the CargoApps for 6 months
  6. As a result you receive ~25 € for each of the 6 months and reward yourself with a total of 149,25 €
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