3. August 2017

Freight search engine – all freight exchanges at a glance!

The purpose of a search engine is to determine and display the most relevant result for a user’s search query. Google is probably the best-known example of a search engine. Just as Google uses its search engine to determine a ranking for a significant amount of content regarding a search query, IMPARGO determines the ranking for a huge amount of transport orders. For your search query, we determine the relevance of all transport orders (or cargo space) in the system and thus determine a ranking for the available orders. IMPARGO has defined the concept of a „freight search engine“ in order to describe the technology in relation to the already existing text search engines.

All freight exchanges at a glance

With the IMPARGO freight search engine, you currently have access to more than 300,000 cargo and cargo space offers, provided by our integration-partners like Trans.eu. Further integrations are planned to come soon. Access via one single platform saves time, allows optimization over a larger pool of orders and increases the chance to find more offers and thus more potentially lucrative offers.

More than just a meta freight exchange

In addition, we have developed a technology that can realize a relevance assessment of cargo or cargo space dynamically and in large quantities with respect to a given search query. The aim of this application is to save the dispatcher a massive amount of time in the search for suitable cargo or cargo space and to increase the quality or number of additional loads and return loads.

No one calculates faster

For each search, we estimate the relevance of more than 300,000 offers in less than 100 milliseconds in order to find the best loads for your tours across a variety of offers – no one is faster.

Advantages are obvious

✓ Order ranking by relevance.

✓ Search for cargo or cargo space within several freight exchanges at once.

✓ Transfer your cargo or cargo space offers to several freight exchanges at once.

✓ Automated notifications, if suitable freight or cargo space offers are available.

✓ Optimized search with innovative functions.

✓ Graphic visualization.