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Quick and easy toll calculation for trucks

Toll costs account for around 10 to 15 percent of the cost structure in road haulage over 7.5 tonnes. Generally the actual costs only become apparent in the toll invoice. With the free truck toll calculator MAUTEX you are able to forecast the truck toll for your tours quickly and easily in advance.

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truck toll calculator
hgv truck toll europe

HGV truck toll calculator for Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, etc.)

With our toll calculator you calculate the truck toll for all countries of Central Europe. An illustration of the truck toll for all EU countries is integrated in our Professional Plan. We are constantly working on the expansion of the supported countries.

  • Truck Toll Germany
  • Truck Toll France
  • Truck Toll Italy
  • ...
  • Truck toll for all of Europe PRO
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Accurate and reliable forecasts

In addition to toll roads and motorways, special tolls for bridges and tunnels are also taken into account when planning truck routes. Toll changes or new toll routes are also immediately implemented in the IMPARGO database and included in truck route planning.

  • Special tolls for bridges and tunnels
  • All toll routes integrated (federal roads and motorways)
  • Timely integration of toll changes or new toll routes
  • Pollutant classes, axles taken into account
  • Full set of truck restrictions PRO
  • Accurate toll prognosis europe-wide PRO
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preview and analysis

Preview and analysis

We are continuously working on updating toll rates in the system in order to offer you a constantly high quality of your forecasted truck toll. The tolled and toll-free routes will be shown separately.

  • Toll review of the changeover 01.01.2019 in DE
  • Listing of toll-free and toll-paid routes
  • Displaying toll cost per country
  • Permanent toll updates