Transport Management System (TMS) - easy, free & online

Transport management made easy

Our free Transport Management System (TMS) of the CargoApps enables you to plan, control, monitor and optimize your transport processes without prior knowledge. Standardise and automate your transport management with our user-friendly, easy and free Transport Management System.

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tms transport management system
transport order management

Manage transport orders digitally

Maintain an overview and manage your one-time and recurring transports online with minimal effort. Our Transport Management System in the CargoApps platform is designed for small and medium-sized shippers and combines the essential elements of solid transport management for standardised order processing.

  • Use order overview
  • Share shipment details
  • Manage documents
  • Track status
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organize transport process

Organize carriers and freight forwarders in our system

Digitize all transport processes and communication with your existing partners. Manage the transport process with your transport companies efficiently and digitally - from awarding transport contracts to your carriers over tracking the shipment status to uploading proof of delivery.

  • Assign transport orders
  • Upload proof of delivery
  • Manage your communication
  • Request shipment status
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planning and optimization

TMS for planning and optimization

Our easy to use Transport Management System in the CargoApps not only helps you to manage and control your transports, but also to plan and optimize them. You can carry out cost analysis for transport service providers (including toll calculation) as well as scenario analysis for specific routes.

  • Calculate truck toll
  • Control costs
  • Performing scenario analysis
  • Manage your own fleet
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