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Truck Toll Extension 2018 – a current status

Gerhard Hänel
Gerhard Hänel23.04.2018 5 min

Table of contents

  1. Extension of the truck toll 2018
  2. Which federal roads are affected by the expansion?
  3. What do the tariffs look like?
  4. Who bears the costs?
  5. How can the truck toll costs be forecast?

Extension of the truck toll 2018

The mills of state institutions are known to grind slowly. This also applies to information on the toll extension for trucks valid from July 1, 2018. Almost two months before the planned truck toll extension in Germany in 2018, a complete industry is going to its head. Everything still seems to be open - except that there will be a toll change at some point. Which roads are "really" affected in detail, how much the conversion will cost and whether the conversion will actually take place on 1 July still seems to be open. Enclosed the current conditions:

Which federal roads are affected by the expansion?

According to the BASt, all federal roads in Germany are affected. The BASt published a preliminary toll table on 13.03.2018, which confirms this statement for the time being and gives a certain planning security regarding federal roads.

What do the tariffs look like?

There is no official statement from the company Toll Collect on this yet. However, industry experts do not forecast any change in tariffs. You can get the same statement on request from Toll Collect's customer service. So the current tariffs will probably stay as they are. Real clarity, however, only prevails after official publication by Toll Collect - when this comes is unclear.

Who bears the costs?

The shipper will have to bear the costs - for the transport service provider this is usually just a passing item. According to the current market situation, the negotiating situation of the forwarding agents is so good that the shippers will find it difficult to pass on the costs.

For the freight forwarder, the only annoyance is the lack of transparency in the future. The OBU (on-board unit) will not return any useful information on toll costs in the future. According to Toll Collect, "the currently used section, the toll amount charged and the total amount for the current tour" will no longer be displayed.

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How can the truck toll costs be forecast?

Shippers located far away from the motorway will face particularly high cost increases due to the toll extension. The costs can thus quickly rise by 10-20€ per trip/tour. Transport cost budgeting to reflect the additional costs from 1 July 2018 is therefore difficult for many shippers, as the cost increases are site-specific and a clear forecast can only be made by a truck route planer, which maps the new toll routes. We can provide you with an offer for forecasting toll costs for your company from July 2018 as part of our services. Individual forecasts are possible with the toll calculator Mautex.