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How to choose a map for trucks? Truck route planner 2020

Nadzeya Klepcha
Nadzeya Klepcha23.10.2020 3 min

Planning and navigating by online route planning services replaced the need for a physical street map entirely in the last decade. They have become an easily accessible product for consumer automotives. Google Maps being the first that comes to mind, it is not the only alternative for map data on the internet, some of them follow the same purpose such as Bing Maps. Others, like HERE and OpenStreetMaps also cover specialized fields of use like the implementation of restrictions not meant for privately used cars. But with Google Maps being the most widely used map provider, it has developed to be the most used route planning tool for cars world wide. Obviously a car route planner is not equal to a dedicated truck route planner. While the limits and restrictions data in Google Maps might be true for a privately used car, it is oftentimes inaccurate for HGVs and other specialized commercial vehicles. For planning truck routes you need to take truck restrictions, vehicle attributes etc into account.

Which programs can be used to plan truck routes?

Precise route planning in the transport industry is the key to the efficiency of the resources used and economic success. The special requirements for truck route planning include kilometer and hour rates for vehicles, equipment and drivers. These complex variables are the main metrics for the transport company. Professional logistics software for planning truck routes allows your company to drive cost-optimal routes.

How to choose a professional truck route planner?

First of all, find a truck route planner with always up-to-date truck restrictions on roads. The truck route planner should collaborate with one of the truck map leaders in the market. In this case your company will be protected from unexpected truck restrictions.

Truck route planner (such as CargoApps) also provide toll information. Accurate toll information for Europe allows your dispatcher to make realistic offers for your clients. Companies win more time for other tasks, calculating truck routes with truck route planner. Your dispatchers have the truck map with all of the truck restrictions, overview of free and paid roads in each country in Europe and accurate toll information.

Moreover, the dispatcher can customize the route. By choosing the number of axes, emission classifications, excel weight and much more the dispatcher plans the realistic truck routes. You can find on the professional online CargoApps platform anything that would help you better plan your routes. The CargoApps help you to plan your route in a more efficient way with all the information you need.

The CargoApps platform cooperates with HERE maps. HERE maps is the only complete truck-specific map provider for Europe.

Your company can have an access for free version of the CargoApps platform. Plan your truck specific tour with all data and don’t waste your time. Try it now!