Cost calculation for trucks as basis for pricing

Keeping an eye on costs is one of the most important tasks for any transportation company. If an entrepreneur or a dispatcher does not know what costs caused a transport, he runs the risk of not being able to cover his costs and slip into the loss zone. Cost transparency therefore contributes significantly to risk minimization…

Top 10 freight exchanges in Europe

Get a quick overview over the top 10 freight exchanges in Germany and Europe incl. daily freight and vehicle offers, pricing models, specialities, amount of customers and amount of users:







Timocom 36.000 110.000 750.000 Licence Market leader

What is a freight exchange?

Freight exchanges or vehicle exchanges are marketplaces where demand and supply of cargo or cargo space are matched. A freight exchange is different from the vehicle exchange regarding the “good” traded. In freight exchanges freight, loads or cargo and in vehicle exchanges free cargo space is allocated. Freight or vehicle exchanges thus…

Freight search engine - all freight exchanges at a glance!

The purpose of a search engine is to determine and display the most relevant result for a user’s search query. Google is probably the best-known example of a search engine. Just as Google uses its search engine to determine a ranking for a significant amount of content regarding a search query, IMPARGO determines the ranking for a huge amount of transport orders. For your search query, we determine the relevance of all transport orders (or cargo space) in the system and thus determine a ranking for the available orders. IMPARGO has defined the concept …

Our mission

The main goal of IMPARGO is the provision of technology for a data-based utilization optimization for commercial vehicle fleets. Resources in transport logistics are to be exploited with a technology-based approach and on the basis of collected data, thus increasing the resource efficiency of transport companies. In detail, this means reducing the number of low utilized trips or increasing the average utilization of commercial vehicles…