Vehicle cost calculator

The QUOTEX is setting industry standards for vehicle cost calculation. It can adapt flexibly to your companies requirements and therefore your individual cost structure to ensure accurate numbers for your tour specific offer calculation. Fully integrated with our HGV route planning capabilities we increase efficiency, transparency and level of detail for your offer calculation process to ensure the economic success of your road based transports.

✓ Cost profiles for vehicles and drivers
✓ Calculate tour specific costs
✓ HGV toll cost calculation for Euopean countries
✓ Mapping of goods flow within Europe
✓ Specify margins
✓ Integrate your subcontractors

HGV route planning tool

Our smart HGV routing finds your fitting HGV route, with multiple stops and sequencing optimisation.

✓ HGV route planner for European countries
✓ Dynamic & responsive web application
✓ Easy-to-use interface with Drag&Drop adjustments and powerful Geocoding
✓ Optimize to the most cost effective sequence of your stops with 1 click
✓ Integration of HGV restrictions and ferries


Your advantages

The Quotex is a sophisticated, yet free, dispatching software that runs online in your browser and needs no installation. Our primary goal is to provide you with smart HGV truck routing as well as accurate HGV toll cost predictions in an easy-to-use free software. This way you can avoid using free car route planning services that deliver false driving times and omit HGV restrictions as well as HGV toll cost. Standardize your offer calculation process and save valuable time for more important tasks.

Dispatching software

The Quotex can also play its role in big freight forwarding companies. We offer User management and safety rules, as well as restricted access areas. This way your employees have a tool at hand, that enables them to quickly calculate tour specific cost and transform that into a valuable offer for your clients with few previous knowledge and in a transparent, structured process. You are interested to use our software but have troubles adapting it to your needs? Contact us via or +49-(0)-30-12083684 to get started quickly.