HGV toll cost calculator

The IMPARGO Team is continuously working on the extension of supported countries for HGV toll cost calculation. A mapping of the HGV toll onto all EU-countries, including Great Britain, is already in sight. This does not affect the route planning service, which is fully functional all over Europe. We are constantly updating our HGV toll calculation capabilities to provide you with the best service possible. As of now, we offer you:

✓ HGV toll Germany
✓ HGV toll Austria
✓ HGV toll Switzerland
✓ HGV toll France
✓ HGV toll Belgium
✓ HGV toll Poland
✓ HGV toll Czech Republic
✓ HGV toll Italy


We are constantly working on incorporating the latest HGV toll fees and regulatory adjustments into our system to provide a high level of quality for your predicted HGV toll cost. As an example, we already include the new German “Bundesstraßenmaut” which is in place since 1st of July 2018.

✓ HGV toll cost calculation for European countries
✓ Mapping of special tolls for tunnels, bridges and mountain passes
✓ Differentiate between countries
✓ Fully integrable with our Quotex route planning and offer calculation tool


Increase your efficiency with the Mautex

Since every country has its own laws and systems for HGV toll cost calculation, freight forwarders face a challenge to get reliable numbers to create their offers. Due to the lack of regulatory unity within the European Union, HGV toll cost calculation means time intensive manual labor for carriers, often combined with unsatisfying results. In order to accurately predict the HGV toll cost of a tour for the offer calculation, this work becomes a costly repetitive task since fees and regulations change rather frequently.

With a share of 10 to 15 percent in the cost structure of road based freight transport beyond 7.5t, a precise determination of the HGV toll cost is essential for the economic success of a tour.
Many freight forwarders are therefore relying on monthly-paid software products to obtain precise HGV toll cost information in order to create valuable offers.
With the creation of the Cargo Apps, IMPARGO leaves that beaten path. Our approach is to provide HGV toll cost calculation and route planning, similar to Google Maps, free of charge in unmatched quality and in close cooperation with you, our customers.