QUOTEX – The free truck route planner to calculate quotes

Calculate quotes is a challenge for truck dispatchers. tour-related costs are often unclear, there is a lack of experienced staff or there is a lack of appropriate guidelines. The QUOTEX by IMPARGO helps transport service providers with:

✓ Route planning and optimization
✓ Transport costs calculation (exact costs per tour)
✓ Pricing with defined target margins
✓ Mapping of toll costs (for DE, AT, CH, PL, FR and CZ)
✓ Standardization of the quoting process
✓ Empowering employees to submit quotes

Learn more about the 10 reasons why you should use the IMPARGO Quotex.

MAUTEX – Online tour planning with toll calculation

On the cost structure in road transportation (over 7.5 tons), the toll costs account for about 10 to 15 percent. The real costs are usually only apparent in the toll bill of the respective service provider. The MAUTEX of IMPARGO offers you:

✓ Route planning and optimization
✓ Toll cost forecast for DE, AT, CH, PL, FR and CZ
✓ Special tolls for bridges and tunnels
✓ Breakdown by country and route
✓ Integration capability with QUOTEX



“The Quotex enables us to calculate the costs of our tours within seconds. That helps us to quote precise and quick as well as to analyze scenarios.”

Harald Zoller, Zoller Consulting GmbH

How do the Cargo Apps get financed?

For cars, route planning with online offers such as Google Maps has become a free commodity. Since we at IMPARGO believe that this should also apply to truck route planning, we provide you with the Cargo Apps free of charge.

As experts in the areas of IT and transport, we generate our revenue through IT services and our freight search engine. IT services include, for example, the provision of web services, consulting services, the setting up of cargo apps or even individual developments. The freight search engine, on the other hand, is a self-developed innovative solution for the optimized search for additional loads or return loads. The technology we provide is therefore a by-product of our day-to-day business and serves IMPARGO primarily as a marketing tool.

Need help setting up Cargo Apps?

We help you to understand the software and to set up the system correctly. In addition to an online training course for your employees, our fee-based setup service also includes individual advice for mapping your cost structure. If you are interested, please contact us via or via +49- (0)-30-12083684.